HTTP Request in Studio for Multi-Layer Parameters

Hey Guys

Having a problem with adding multilayer parameters to the HTTP Wizard for API Calls.
I know you can add singular parameters such as those:
In this way:

But how do you actually add such parameters?:


Thanks for help!

Hi @salladinne,

When you mean parameters do you actually mean the JSON Payload?

You can do this in the ‘body’ of the HTTP Request once you close the wizard (annoying I know).



Yeah, I’ve seen a video on that: How to send data through the body field of http request activity within UiPath Studio - YouTube

But the guy still only shows one-layer example of parameter-value; parameter-value:


Any hint on how I can do that with lower level parameters?

ParameterArray:parameter-value;parameter-value etc.

please check the api of your used rest endpoint if it (flag:…) is needed on the request body or where else