HTTP GET Request returns 415 error

Hi there!
Im trying to make a search through a GET request in a REST API but I keep getting 415 error. The HTTP request activity configuration is the following:

The authentication is made on a previous POST request which works perfectly and then the token is attached as a parameter in this request.
The body is a json object parsed like this: “{”“cifNif”":"“string”"}"

I’ve tried the request in Postman and it works but when I try to implement it on Uipath it doesn’t. I’ve looked trough the forums but nothing has worked for me. Please, can someone help?
Thanks in advance

Hey @Javi

Unfortunately, I don’t understand the language in the screenshot.

Normally the 415 error code comes if there is some un-support media type passed into the request.

So kindly check that part if you are passing any !


Hi @Javi,

It looks like there is some issue with Cuerpo Body. Somehow it is not recognizing the Json.

You can try building the Json body with a variable of type JObject and then can use Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.SerializeObject(jObj) and pass it to Cuerpo.

@Javi Go through below thread