HTTP request downloaded file null

Hi Guys, @Palaniyappan @AshwinS2 @vvaidya I have the issue using http request. When downloaded the file it shows null data in file. but when I have downloaded the manually it download properly with data. When downloaded the file there is does not required access issue for manually download. I have 200+ files.I need all files download without click activity. Please anyone can resolve this.
Null file:
HTTP Request Activity:


Few things I would check -

  1. Try checking the result of the StatusCode Output to see if it is a success (eg:2XX , and not an error -4XX or 5XX)
  2. Make sure you are passing in the required Headers/parameters needed for the api call to work.
  3. Make sure the authentication username/password are passed correctly, if needed.

Thanks to reply, there is no need user name and password because when downloaded it manually, that is not required. Can I share it with you?

Hi @razu91

Have you solved your issue in the end?

If the URL is public, we would appreciate an example :slight_smile: