HTTP Request configure button purges given variable parameters

I am having a problem with building an HTTP API request using variables. I’m trying to pass parameters in by using variables, but my variables keep getting changed. I start with this:

and it’s changed to this:

Edit: I learned that the change only happens when I click on the “Configure” button in the HTTP Request activity, which I was doing to test the response from the foreign system.

My solution was to add a couple of write lines so that I could see the response without having to be in the configure tool.

Hi @kevinpscott

Any chance you could share the version of the Web activity package and maybe even a sample, dummy xaml file that reproduces the issue for you? Is this a Windows - legacy project, or one of the more modern ones?

EDIT. Please nevermind the request, I was able to reproduce the issue. I split your post into a separate topic so that we can track it a bit easier and I pushed your issue to our issue tracker for our team to have a look.

Thank you for your contribution :slight_smile:

Thank you!