Http Request Activity - Response conversion character

Hello team,

I have a problem trying to get information from JSON and i don’t know how I should solve this and which approach is the best.
when i download the json it has special characters like \u004A.
I am using the Http Request activity to download the information to a file.
What is the way to convert these special characters?

“name”:“F\u00fatbol” to “name”:“Fútbol”

here is my activity and file

thanks in advance for you help!

Response Status: Completed
Status Code: 200
Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8

i cannot upload file (new user) so, here is a part of the file

{“sports”:{“1”:{“_doc”:“sport”,“_id”:1,“_sid”:1,“name”:“F\u00fatbol”,“stage”:false},“2”:{“_doc”:“sport”,“_id”:29,“_sid”:29,“name”:“F\u00fatbol sala”,“stage”:false},“16”:{“_doc”:“sport”,“_id”:16,“_sid”:16,“name”:“F\u00fatbol americano”,“stage”:false}

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give a try on following:

just to showcase that it is working refer to this sample:

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Is that encoding coming from your server response or is the HTTP Request activity encoding UTF-8 characters?

Hi @Tudor_Sandu,

yes, that encoding coming from the server (the server is not mine). i have used a simple python script to download the json and save in a file and solve my problem.

Hi @ppr

thanks for your answer… it works!

perfect. just do your final testing and when it is passing the test just flag the solving post as solution. So others can benefit from it.