HTTP Request Activity - Downloaded files are corrupted or not the original size

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I am trying to download multiple pdf’s from web using http request activity. Files are getting downloaded but the size is getting shrink. For eg,. the original size of pdf is 7MB whereas by downloading using http request, it is downloaded as 4KB.

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You will get null files without data, but with the name you give. This is because the authentication issue or the site doesn’t have an option to download files directly with the http request. Can you let me know if the same works in postman?


Please use below mentioned component to download file from browser.

It was developed by @balupad14


I can’t install postman in my machine.

I extracted with Data Scraping of which I only gets the attachment name, not the url of the attachment

I am getting an error if I use the above activity.

Error: The remote server returned an error: (401)Unauthorized

Hi Harish, Do you have solution around this issue actually I am facing the same problem as i could download the PDF files manually using a browser however, whenever I use the HttP Request activity it download a file with 0 KB size and when i try to open it, it says that the file is corrupt.
Sandeep Rawat


Please let me know if you are able to download the file when you try to send get request in postman?

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Yes I am able to download the PDF file when i use postman.
Here is the link:

Sandeep Rawat

Hi Hareesh,

Any luck on this yet, here is the updated links. which works on postman however does not work in HTTP Request activity.

Do you have any idea which library HTTP Request activity uses from Dot net please?

Sandeep Rawat

Hi all,
Increasing the timeout in Http request property have solved my issue. It depends on the size of pdf loading time.


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