HTML table capture lines

Hello everybody

I used Extract Data Table to capture the rows from the table below into an HTML.
The columns created by the activity brought the data in the following format:
Column1: NODE_0 * “line break” Windows Server 2012
Column2: Up
Column3: 8 “line break” 8 Running *

I need to solve two situations:

  1. Columns 1 and 2 I need to separate the information before and after the line break into separate columns.
    For example: Column1: NODE_O and Column4: Windows Server 2012
    I thought about using For each table in the capture output table to handle this situation, but I don’t know if there is a better solution in the active capture.

  2. I need to capture the model information, which is displayed when I hover over the asterisk “*”.
    I didn’t understand how I do this by extract data table. I am able to select the asterisk, but I get the character as a result.
    Any suggestions on how I can grab the template’s content?


Hi @Sidney.Brito ,

Can you provide example and expected output and for * provide screenshot




I have a few question on the above input is NODE fix word or Windows ? So that we can split on the basis of that