How we can validate all data that is each rows has its values are present or null in excel file?


Hi @Priyanka_Sorate

There are many solutions to this. If you do not have an excel sheet with over 5000 rows then this Filter Data Row activity will perform well.


You could also add more conditions, for example, if you wished that both columns (Pgm, values) should not have empty rows. Then you add a condition in the Filter Wizard to also consider the second column. Filter Datatable will use an AND logic.

What it does is it iterates through the rows of a InputTable and checks for the user conditions. You as the user can either choose “Keep” or “Remove” rows. In the end, depending on your Keep or Remove choice, an Output Datatable will be populated.

Other ways to achieve the same:

  1. For Each Row or For each loops: Check empty cells in Excel rows - Build / Studio - UiPath Community Forum

  2. Using linq: Unable to check row contains Empty field - Build / Studio - UiPath Community Forum


Thanks I will refer this above links