Issue filtering when the source can contain no DataRows

I’m reading from a datatable and attempting to filter out various results.

The first file is produced by reading a datatable & filtering where the Status column is populated. This works fine.

The issue is the second file - I’d like to produce a file where the status column is empty (the rest of the columns can be populated). This file can have 0 rows or many.

I do this at the moment by assigning dt2 = dt1.Select("[Status]=’’") then passing that to an output file. When the results offer one or more rows it works fine. When the file is empty, I receive the error 'The source contains no DataRows '.

I’ve tried to use an ‘if’ statement dt2.Rows.count() > 1 then either writing to a file or stepping over. I can only do this after the Assign has taken place. But the Assign is where the error seems to be thrown…

Once after you filter the datatable
check the datarow array count >0
if it’s greater than zero then convert to datatable.

for example
Let us create drabc datarow array


then check drabc.Count>0

if its gretaer than zero then convert to datatable by using




Hi @qwerty1,

before assigning data table check if condition
if return true do the process else skip



Thank you - that works perfectly.
Is there a way that I can use an and in here

i’ve tried dt1.Select("[Status]=’’" and [Age]<=30).length>0 but it seems to disregard the second condition.

Hi @qwerty1,

yes you can use use below code
dt1.Select("[Status]='' and [Age]<=30").length>0