How to write quotation marks

I need to pass an argument to my start process activity but it recognizes the argument (a string with three words) like three arguments. How can I write quotation marks in UiPath?



Maybe is not the best solution, but it works… I can write quotation marks with Chr(34) function.

Chr(34) + myStringVariable + Chr(34)


If your 3 arguments do not contain spaces then you can just write them separated by space like “arg1 arg2 arg3”.
If your arguments may contain spaces then you’ll need to put them between double quotes and you also should double the double quote.


"arg1 ““arg 2"” arg3”

the second argument contains a space

Your solution is OK too.

I know this is an old answer but I’m trying to do something similar passing a filename into open process and the filename has a space. Adrian, I think you missed the point of Susana’s question. She has one argument with three words not three arguments. But using your double quotes idea didn’t work with open process, neither did assigning the file name to a string variable then surrounding it with chr(34).

Here’s an workflow sample

Main.xaml (4.4 KB)



You can always create a bat file, in which you just type your run path and arguments as normal syntax, end it with an ‘exit’ and run this bat using the ‘start process’ activity.

with chr(91) and chr(93) doesn’t work

TKS!!! it´s safe me!

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I did like this: used Type Into as mentioned above then in Text field added Chr(34)+“11.jpg”+Chr(34)+" "+ Chr(34)+“22.jpg”+Chr(34)+ “[k(enter)]” filename 11.jpg and 22.jpg and I sent enter hot key

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