How to send arguments to StartProcess Activity

Hi guys,

I am trying to send two strings as arguments to a StartProcess activity.
I am having trouble identifying how the two strings need to be separated in the arguments section where it says “Type app arguments here.Text must be quoted”.

I have checked to see how the activity is built, but there are no examples with multiple arguments and the usual ways with a space or a comma between the arguments are not accepted by Ui Path.

The app that I am starting is a console application I built that expects two strings as arguments.

If you could let me know what that field syntax is in Ui Path it would help me greatly.


Edit : Close this topic - as I’ve found the answer : string + " " + string = in case anyone else needs this.


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and @Daniel.Salcianu Thanks for Sharing information. I hope it will be good for others active learners…


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