How to write more than 32767 characters in single cell in Excel?

I am extracted the Outerhtml from Webpage using get attributes and i need to write it in the specific column the data contains more than 32767 characters, so it’s not writing completed data in each single cell. There is any other method to store the data in cell in excel or anyother file format to handle this huge data.

Microsoft Excel has a character limit of 32,767 characters in each cell.

Yeah, I know bro. There is anyother way to handle this issue.

Hi @Rudhresh_AppInno,

As it is a limitation within Excel then you won’t be able to write all the characters into 1 cell. You could try splitting your string up into multiple substrings and then write them to different cells? Splitting it doesn’t fit with your specific format but you could add multiple columns within your excel file for the substrings.

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Ok thank you @william.coulson. I will try now.

Hi @Rudhresh_AppInno,

Did you have any luck with a fix for your problem?

maybe saving as a text file with html filetype extension could an option for you. Could also have the benefit, that the file can be opened in the browser (can have some visual defects as well, as maybe some resources are missing)

Thanks for asking @william.coulson
Actually i have splitted the characters to multiple columns.

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Thank you @ppr.
I have splitted the characters to multiple columns. This itself solved my problem.

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