How to write in the first blank cell in Excel?


I have a datatable containing only 1 row with 6 columns:

DT = “data1 data2 data3 data4 data5 data6”

and I need to paste it in the row of the sheet whose first cell is blank (in this case A6):

So that the Excel remains:

No matter what the colours are (I experienced some problems with some colours).

Please how can I do?

Have to first read the excel and store in DT.
Then for each row,
if the first cell value is empty - store the cell location ( eg, A6) in a variable
copy paste range activity or write range activity can be used to write starting from this cell(variable as above)

Note: There is no automated way as per my knowledge. gotta do manually as above

Hai @EngAnalyst ,
Get the data then store it in a variable.
Then use write cell activity and call the variable.
Give the cell location also.
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Could you be a little bit more specific? Thank you! have a nice day


Hai @enganalyst ,
Get the data from database by using getrowitem activity.
Then use write cell activity to write on the excel sheet. Give the cell location for an example A6.
The data will be stored on the particular location in excel.

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(Write Cell)
Check this link I think This may help u

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