How to write data in to a pdf and save the pdf

I have a application form, in the form of pdf. I need to fill the pdf by getting data from the database. Can anyone please tell me how can i do it in uipath

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I am have been working on this process today. Essentially my approach has been to use Selectors to identify the fill-in fields that have been created in the Adobe PDF.

I am using Adobe Pro 2017.

When I attempt to create a selector, it says that there is not enough information available to create a valid selector and suggests that I use Anchors. When I try the anchor approach, it is not always accurate and is definitely more complicated and timeconsuming.

Given the fact that every fill-in field is uniquely identified, I do not understand why the selector process will not pick up these ctrl names. I read another long thread about problems with the “Assistive Interface” with Adobe. I believe that all my settings are correct in that regard. It was unclear to me what those folks ultimately did as a solution.

Do you have any further experience since you posted this entry?

As an FYI… Outside of RPA actions, there is an excellent Adobe Add-In from AutoMailMerge™ - PDF Mail Merge Software For Adobe® Acrobat®. that is fantastic for this process and works flawlessly.

Obviously though we would all like this to work within UiPath.

Thoughts anyone?

So a quick update. In the spirit of “And now it works…”

After I posted this response, I went back to square one. I deleted my UiPath Sequence and tried again.

As per a suggestion from UiPath, I went into UiPath Explorer and clicked the gear icon at the top for “Frameworks.” I switched from Default to “UI Automation.” I then used the selectors suggested by the UI Explorer for my first selection overwriting the generic selector that my recording generated. It worked!

Then I started a new recording and the subsequent selections worked without having to use Explorer. The Selectors are using the unique IDX cntrl for each field.

So assuming this works, to automate populating a PDF, you would use a standard approach of 1) Read data from source into variables, (2) Use an Attach Window command followed by (3) Type Into Action and use the variable created in Step #1

I am looking to populate my PDF Form with Data from Excel. Please advice on exact steps to be followed.

Appreciate your response


Can you share the pdf?

Did you find a way to do it?