How to Write collection in Datatable

I was looping the values and storing in collection. Then using the passing the collection Add datarow

Passing in Add datarow.

But when i do write range of this datatable, it is displaying as System.string under columns.

I was looking solution for how to convert collection in to database and do write range

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Hi Chaitan,
As i can see In Add Data Row Activity
you should modify the Property (Array Row) like {transactionItem_List(0),transactionItem_List(1)}
0, 1, 2 … So On are the index.


Are you using the add data row in for each?

If yes,

Take one building data table!
Create the required columns…
In add data row pass the values like this



Hi @Chaitan,

There is not enough information for the solution, but if we proceed hypothetically;

If in_SummaryReportDT is a table of one column, you will need to use a loop to add a dynamic list to it.

You can view the image below.

If you explain the action you are trying to do in general here, there will be more appropriate solution suggestions.


Or Else Convert List to Array


Then put Arr_Str in the ArrayRow property of Add Data row

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