How to write .bat file with write text file activity

Hello Community!

I am facing an issues when trying to write an execute bat file in my automation workflow.

I am able to create the file, but when I run it CMD keeps writing the command over and over again.

If i create the bat ‘manually’ from notepad with ANSI encoding it works perfect.

I tried the “Windows-1252” which should work as ANSI, according to this thread below. But I keep getting the same issues

Any Help is appreciated

Hi @ChrisPals,
Are you able to share a project example so I could test it on my end. At the moment I’m not sure why it can happen.

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Rename your bat-file to something else. When running the command the bat-file is calling itself (curl.bat) instead of curl.exe thus resulting in a infinite loop. Specifying “curl.exe -A …” as the command might also work but I’m afk so I can’t test it for you.

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That makes sense :+1:t2: Ty

Thank You for the responses

I changed my encoding to utf-8 which resolved the issue.

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