How to write a value in excel based on Month

Hi , I have a scenario were I need a run a BOT monthly and update a column with a value for that current month , likewise I have to write value to current month column when each month BOT runs, any thoughts ?


Hi please follow these steps.
1- Read excel data by Read Range Activity and Store in DT1
2-Now Get Current Month by expression

→ Datetime.Now.Tostring(“MMM”)
It will return exact format you have in excel.

3-Now Update your Column by putting Month as a column in DT1
4-Write back DT1 in excel

Hi @monishanair2010 ,
I am sending you a sample workflow code which will help you to get your desired output.
Please do have a look and let me know.
New folder (2).zip (72.8 KB)

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

Thank you @Shubham_Dutta and @raja.arslankhan for your response -but I believe I will have to rephrase my question, here my requirement is to write a value below the month, month already exists in sheet .
eg: When BOT runs on Sep it will go fetch a value from a site and update the Sept Column with the value and next month when BOT runs it has to update value under the OCT column.
sorry for the confusion earlier.

Hi @monishanair2010 ,
I am attaching the code for your reference. I have a sample names data in a list you can add your own data there.
New folder (2).zip (9.3 KB)

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

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Thank you @Shubham_Dutta

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