Update the column if month should be less-than 1 to current month

Hi all,

actually first i have to check column C
Update input file column C to Current Month - 1
(eg: current month 05 means 05-1 = 04)

Buddy @Naveen.Ch


  1. you can have a assigned variable like with datatype int32
    out_month = Convert.ToInt32(DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-1).ToString(“MM”))

2.Then you can use write cell to enter this value to that cell you want to

3.Again use a assign activity like
Out_Run_Date = DateTime.Now.ToString(“dd.MM.yyyy”)

Now compare this date with the each row value in thatcolumn by iterating through the datatable with for each row loop with if condition like
Then use Add queue item to add that row value to the queue created in the orchestrator

Thats all buddy you are all done

Hope this would help you


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Thanks for the quick response @Palaniyappan

I will check and let you the solution

Hi @Palaniyappan

I am getting date value like April means 4
But I want to enter like 04
I have to assign 0 before 4 ?

No buddy usually month in MM will return two digits buddy may be in excel it didn’t take the value 0 in front

To check whether we get 04 or not use a writeline activity just to check whether it displays the right value or not


Fine better enter it as string to the excel buddy
That would work like this
out_month = DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-1).ToString(“MM”)


In writeline it’s printing 4 but I want 04

Can I do append
Why because if I am not giving 04 in excel I will get validation error bro

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Buddy @Naveen.Ch
i tried the same in my studio, and i m getting as 04 buddy see

Fine buddy if its getting better we can append and try that would work either


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Is that working buddy


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