How to write a string row using row Name

i m having a few field to be filled and i need to use the row name to filled next to that cell can some one let me know how i can do it

outputsheet.Rows(38).Item(“Value”) right now using

Hi @Tharusha_Fernando

Sorry not able to deduce your problem, could you please elaborate, maybe put screenshot of the final state?

Hi @sandeep.tech2009
i m having some string values that should come beside the( Name ,address age etc)
instead of mentioning index no of the row which i have given above do you know another way to write the string values using names of the row(0)

may it looks like this DT.row(Address)(1)

depending on how often you will access select one of many options:

create a lookup dictionary key: name, value: BX value
create a look dictionary key: name value: row index
Filter Access:
dtVar.Select("[Name] = ‘+YourKeyString+’").Single()(“Values”)

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I have tried to resolve the situation using an array with values from the column Name.
I attached the flow. (27.3 KB)
Hope it would help!

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@Catalina_Rs @ppr thank you

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