Find the Row with a String Value then write to the cell Next to it

Good Day everyone, new to uipath and still learning.

I have an excel file and I need to find the row that contains a specific string value then write next to it. (Please see example below)

Find row that matches string firstName=“Tony” and lastName=“Stark” then writes to the cell under column GSA/OFAC

If it’s a small file, it’s easy enough to just use a for each row, then use an if statement.

Read range → save as dt1
for each row in dt1
if row.item(“lastname”).tostring.ToUpper = “STARK” AndAlso row.item(“firstname”).tostring.toupper = “TONY”
then assign row.item(“GSA”) = “your text here”
assign row.item(“OFAC”) = “your text here”
Write range dt1

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hello i needed it in a way that I could update it inside the excel? is that possible?

Did a workaround.

Excel Scope
Read range
Lookup Data Table

I type in the value I was looking for
Output Row Index
Assign Range Variable (Cell Letter + Index)
Write Cell
Set the range where the data is to be written

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