How to write a column value using row index

Hi Team,

I have one use case to write a column value in particular cell based on row index value.
Please let me know how can I achieve the same.


Hi @Riya1 ,

For example if you want to insert data in column A, then keep it in a loop and assign counter =counter+1. Write the cell like this A + counter.tostring. It will works as you expected.

Pavan Kumar

Hi Riya,

You can use Assign activity-
To : Datatablename(rowIndex)(columnIndex)
Value : The value to be entered

For Example,
If Cities Datatable values are
“Chennai”,“Bengaluru”,“Bombay” and you want to update Bengaluru as Delhi which is in 2nd row, you have to use Cities(1)(0)=Delhi

Hope this solution works for you!!

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Hi @pavan_kumar5 ,

Could you please share the sample xaml,if possible.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Varshini_Ganapathy_Subram ,

How to find the column index,could you pls help?


Hi Riya,

Use this syntax to get column index : datatablename.Columns(“[ColumnName]”).Ordinal

Hope this will help you