How to write a bookmark in bold?

Hi to all,
I’m working on a bot where I have to retrieve elements from a website, and compile a word template.

Even if this bot serves to facilitate the work of the human, who in any case after the RPA activity, will make corrections by hand, I would like to make it as ready for final use.

In the image, I click and take the name of an object that must be reported on word.
I would like this element to be written in bold type.
Is there any way to do this?


thanks to all those who will offer some suggestions!

Hey @AaronMark ! Will this word always have the same pattern?


Hi Gabriel,
I do not understand what you mean?
Right now, the bot is collecting several items.
At the same time I mapped several Bookmarks on a template.

  • Title 1
  • Element 1
    • sub element 1_1
    • sub element 1_2
  • Element 2
    • sub element 2_1
    • sub element 2_2
      The object we are talking about corresponds in this scheme to Element 1. (and then Element 2 … etc …)
      Through an id_row I can insert each element in its place, inside the template.
      However, I would like this string to be bold.

however, the Set Bookmark command does not include this option.

Format your word with your desired template

Then replace with “Replace Text in Document” activity.

Hope it helps!