Need to write into a table in word


I am trying to write a string into a word document which is in below format.


I have used the set bookmark content in document but what ever it writes, this is writing the entire string in a single cell. Is it possible to write string into each individual block like as below.


any suggestions please

You can create a word document template then setting a unique parameter value for each box. Then in your logic, you will split each letter and use replace activity to change the parameter value.

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Hi, Thank you!!
The problem is the entire application is with the same format. so if setting a parameter for each block for entire application then there will be a huge bulk of parameters. just trying to find out any other way is possible.

I think that is the ideal way and it could work in background. Huge bulk of parameters is normal. Even traditional web applications does that :sweat_smile:

ok :slight_smile: