How to verify the Invalid Domain Email Id's from Text file

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How can we pass the text file in the linked workflow to verify the invalid domain id’s

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Like usual we can use READ TEXT FILE activity and pass the filepath of text file and get the output with a variable of type string which can be passed as input to the above workflow file
were we facing any issue in that
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As in example,they passed the domain id from arguments section(' .
Do we need to pass the text file with only domain id’s ? or we can pass whole email id?

no the domain id can be mentioned one line next to another like
inside the text file and once after reading the text file and storing that as a string variable use a assign activity like this
arrvariable = Strinput.Split(Environment.Newline.ToArray())

where arrvariable is a variable of type array of string

then we can iterate through each value in it with FOR EACH loop
or if we want to validate whether the mentioned domain is there in this array or not with a IF condition like this
arrvariable.Contains(“your value”)

Cheer @RajeshT

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@Palaniyappan You mean the domain id can mention like this right:


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Hi @Palaniyappan
How can we pass string of array here ,am getting error as attached:

we need to mention the index of the element in the array if we want to pass that as a string value

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Hi @Palaniyappan ,
Is this correct what i mentioned?

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yah perfect @RajeshT

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