Where is the problem in data

Suppose a person sends me an email with the employee id’s and i have to search each id on an online portal and then fill in the required details in the excel sheet.
Now, if the sender has sent me the mail with an invalid ID, I want to write ‘Invalid Data’ in a new column for that particular row.
How can I do that?

How would you normally check that? I suppose there are no details on the online portal for that particular id. So if there are no data, write ‘Invalid Data’.

u need to assign that value in that column when u r iterating it by using for each row
row(“Status”)=“Invalid ID”
Else u can use write cell by using counter

The execution will stop there.

Can you show a demo?

Put everything in a try block, and if an error occurs, then that might be caused by invalid ID. Or simply set the ContinueOnError property to True for the activities that might fail, and if the variables containing the details are null, assign them ‘Invalid Data’.

before that u can set an validation for email id , for checking is it in ryt form or not if not then use continue activity

I find this approach better.
Can you tell me how do I check for Null/is empty as an ‘If Condition’ ?

Hi @udhhav_arora
Can i have a view on the mail body a sample if possible
The reason is i would like to know how does the mail actually looks and how the id is to be searched and how it is validated whether it valid or invalid
Kindly provide that too
Cheers @udhhav_arora

variable is Nothing
Try this.