How to verify matching of data which is extracted

We have data in one file and want to match extracted data from a pdf and How to through an error if fields are missed or not entered field

Hi @raju_alakuntla ,

Could you provide us with examples as to How you are trying to Compare the Data between two files ?

Let me consider an example:
The client 1 has some data in excel and want to compare the data with client 2. If data is not matched or missing with the data of client 1 then through an error.

@raju_alakuntla Assuming that you are already Comparing Values with an If Activity, we can use the Throw Activity on the Else Part of If.

The Exception Property could have the below value :

new Exception("Fields are mismatched")


new BusinessException("Fields are mismatched")

Depending on How you want to Classify the Exception, we can use any one of the above two Statements.

Hi @raju_alakuntla
lets say u hv client 1 data as Str_Client1
and client2 data as Str_Client

Have an if condition to have data check

if data doesnt match in else part have a Business rule exception



Can we do it for handwritten pdf’s data

Yes @raju_alakuntla
After extraction you can follow the above methods