Make Write Cell Range Dynamic in For Each Loop

Hi guys I have an IEnumerable going through a For Each loop, with each value in it going into an Excel column using the ‘Write Cell’ activity. How do I make the ‘Range’ of the Write Cell activity dynamic so that it goes into A2 for the first value in the IEnumerable, A3 for the second value, A4 for the fourth value etc.? Thanks.

Yah mention like this In cell range of write cell activity

Cheers @css

Hi Palaniyappan, I’m getting an 'Overload resolution failed because no accessible ‘IndexOf’ accepts this number of arguments.

My For each statement has the inputs of ‘Item’ (which is the default) and vMyEnumerableVariable (which is a Systems.Text.RegularExpressions.Match IEnumerable match variable). So using your code I have this which is causing the error, let me know if I’m implementing this incorrectly.


I also tried, this one with “” around Item and that did not work either.

@css, from @Palaniyappan’s comment, try “$A” instead of “A”.

Still getting the same issue with the addition of ‘$’ but the error seems to be pointing to the IndexOf portion of the code.


I have the same problem and i don´t know where to replace the different values that mention @Palaniyappan. I have the following info:

Variable used in for each: Nrodoc


Value that i want to write it on Excel: TdExtraccionPantalla

Thank you!