How to use wildcard in a string


Using the “Get Table Range” activity how do I use a wildcard in the string when specifying the SheetName?

I would like to specify a SheetName starting with “IMDB” followed by ANY characters.


Hey @BoCoNdOn

As per my knowledge Excel sheet name does not supports wildcard operators but like some of its function does.

But here are some workaround:

  1. By getting all sheets names then on those sheet name you can string operations like contains and you can proceed.
    This link will help you how you can get excel sheet names.
    How to read sheet Name from Excel

  2. you can use kind of such naming in sheets like “IMDB1,IMDB2 and so on” then you can use counter and appned it with IMDB as well. it will also work :slight_smile: