Split String Using Wild Card

Is there a way to use a wildcard inside of a Split String activity?
I have a dynamic text that I need to split up in order to get the text in the middle. But the first section of text keeps changing, so I don’t have a really good way of separating it from the rest of the text.

Also… I can only grab the text from the entire screen, which isn’t much text.
Here is an example:
The Order was created and is being processed
Please wait for the result. OR Please wait while result is processed**

Duplicate Order. This order has already been submitted.

I can tell you that the last bit of text that I’m trying to use to split is always going to be
“work the order.” but I tried to use that and it doesn’t separate it for some reason.

Sorry to ask this as I’m confused,

I don’t see this text in the entire string you have above @Heathersmithx.

I made up the string above, because I can’t share my work stuff, but to really simplify it, It would looke like this,

Please wait while we work the order

Order results
Main Menu

The text I want is the order results section.
“work the order” Is supposed to be the separator but it’s not
working with each account I run through.

You mean is it working with some account and not working with some other? As per my understanding, you are simply scarping the data and then you are trying to split the text right?

Yes. Is there a way to use a wildcard that you know?

You can use Regex for the best results in this case or you need to use Like operator in the compare text method. I tried it in visual studio, not sure if we can use that here.

Can you give me some quick pseudo-code for how exactly to use the Like operator to compare the text?