How To Use VPN Gateway With Automation Cloud Robots?

How to configure VPN gateway for Automation Cloud Robots?

To use VPN gateway with UiPath Automation Cloud, the Network admin of the organization has to configure the VNETs correctly and give these to the person deploying the VPN Gateway.


  1. VNet designated for use with VPN Gateway is
  2. The first subnet used in configuring the VPN gateway will be and will be set when deploying the VPN Gateway. This specific subnet will be allocated to VPN gateway. Use CIDR notation, with a mask of /25. This should be an IP address range that the network administrator reserved for this virtual network. Also, it must not overlap with the IP ranges representing the on-premises network or the IP ranges for the VM pool (defined later)
  3. Public IP will be displayed once the VPN Gateway is deployed. This will need to be given to the network admin to configure in the VPN Device on the client side to allow incoming connections from it.
Note: The status of the VPN Gateway in UiPath Automation Cloud should be DEPLOYED.
  1. Click Add Connection and here the SHARED KEY PSK should be given by the person configuring the VPN device on the client side and the device's Public IP.
  2. These will be used by the VPN Gateway on the UiPath side to connect to the client’s VPN. Also in the Address space, this has to be at least one subnet for the devices that need to connect from the UiPath Cloud. For example, to access from the VPN gateway, one correct value here would be which means the Cloud Robots VMs will access all ips ranging from ->
  3. After a few minutes, the connection status for the configured connection should say: CONNECTED if everything was done correctly. Once this is done, create a new Cloud Robot VM in the Pool Configurations tab. Make sure to check the Enable VPN Integration and in the address space for VNET put something from the designated VNET at step 1, for example, All VMs connecting through the VPN gateway will have an IP from the -> range.

Note: It can take up to 45 minutes to set up the gateway for the first time. It is mentioned in UiPath documentation as well.