Communication between 'UiPath Cloud' & 'The server' (hosted in AWS Private Subnet) running as Unattended Bot


We have a server hosted in AWS private subnet which runs as an unattended bot.

We have created the link between ‘UiPath cloud’ and ‘The server’ as below.

  • We get the machine key from UiPath cloud machine template (configured in UiPath cloud), and configured it in the server running UiPath assistant.

  • We also defined the local admin account in the server & configured its credentials in UiPath cloud unattended bot user account.

When we add an item in Queue hosted in UiPath cloud, the unattended bot gets executed in the server hosted in private subnet.

The query is,

1. Does UiPath Cloud sends the request to the server hosted in Private Subnet? If so, what communication channels (ports, IP address) are used?

2. As we know, Server with private IP address cannot be accessed from outside. If so, how does UiPath cloud is able to communicate to the server with private IP address?


Ciao @rakhul.moorthy

You might be looking for this part of the UiPath documentation?

So to answer your questions;

  1. Only standard ports 443/80 are used for communication
  2. If you do not have an internet connection (assuming that’s what you mean by “private”), the robot (assistant) is not able to connect to UiPath Cloud. However if your server is connected to the internet usually following applies; if above mentioned ports are not blocked and the services listed in above link are not blocked, assistant should be able to establish a connection to UiPath Cloud and run automations.

Hope that answers your questions and happy automating.


Hey Adrian,

Thanks for your reply. I raised this with UiPath and got the below screenshot. Hope it helps,



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