How To Use UiPath External Application With Application Scopes In Power Automate ?

How to use UiPath External Application with Application Scopes, in Power Automate?

First create a new External Application is your UiPath Automation Cloud or On-Premise Orchestrator and assign the required User Scope(s) as described in the below documentation:

The UiPath External Application properties should look like this:

Example: How to use HTTP actions in Power Automate to retrieve your Orchestrator Folders.

Note: The example is for Automation Cloud. For On-Premise Orchestrator the URIs are slightly different. Check Using OAuth For External Apps for more information.

  1. Go to Power Automate and create a new flow
  2. Use a HTTP action to generate the access token

Method: POST




Body: grant_type=client_credentials&client_id={UiPathAppID]&client_secret={UiPathAppSecret]&scope={UiPathAppScopes}

The action should look like this:

Note: As a best practice, avoid adding your App ID and App Secret in plain text.

The output of this HTTP action will look as below:

  1. Use the access token

Add a second HTTP request (in this example we will get the Orchestrator folders)

Method: GET



Bearer {access_token}

Note: To extract the access token from the HTTP action that generated it, use the following expressions:

"body('HTTP_-_Generate_Access_Token')['access_token']", where "HTTP_-_Generate_Access_Token" is the name of the previous HTTP action.

Example response:

The whole flow looks as below:

For all the available API requests in UiPath, check API References.

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