How to use the "IF" activity with "On Element Appear" activity?

Hi. I’m trying to make a repeat process using the “Repeat Number of Times” activity, to go through subtitles in Premiere Pro, and delete an extra space in each subtitle.

That part works fine. I was able to design that. What I don’t know how to do in UiPath is make it so that, if a certain element appears on the screen (meaning, it’s visible in the foreground), then to stop the activity “Repeat Number of Times”.

I went through the forums and I see that similar questions have been asked and I really tried to make it work myself before deciding to post but I can’t seem to figure it out:)

Do I use computer vision? Do I use get attribute? Do I use some other activity? I see that some Robot Masters have suggested taking the visibility attribute with “Get Attribute” but whatever I tried, didn’t work for me.

Needless to say, I’m far from an advanced user, so please go easy on me:)

I attached screenshots, as well as my project file.

Please let me know if I should provide more info.

Thank you,


project_file.xaml (7.7 KB)

Hi Dangov,

Did you try using RETRY SCOPE with ELEMENT EXIST in condition ,

Documentation :

Please try and let me know if you face any problem

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Hi Krishna_547, thank you for your response. I tried with the Retry Scope Activity and I put the Element Exist in the condition. Here’s a screenshot.

The thing is, even if I delete that element from Premiere Pro (which is an element that can be created and deleted inside that program), and even if the element is there, I still get the Message that I typed, which is, “It’s not there”.

In order to use IF you can use Do While and Element Exists Activity. Check the xaml file attached
Perform Certain Action on Element Appear.xaml (7.2 KB)

just create as flowchart and use element exists… add flow decision and if your element exists activity return true connect to where you want to retry else proceed with your steps

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