How to use the 'Find element' in a pop up response box to verify save/unsaved registration


I am trying to read user input data from an excel and providing each row data into a web application form and registering the user.
Now want to validate if the data got saved successfully or not, by using ‘Find Element’ , and saving to excel file
I have selected the pop up window message to validate the Find Element, but can see that every entry are getting saved as ‘save’ however few contains wrong input also.

sharing the (30.9 KB)

can anyone please help, i suppose i am missing some validation in Find Element.

Though I have completed it using click activity, but want to know how to possibly check with ‘Find Element’ . am i missing the correct locator here?

I am also facing the same problem ! have you found the solution ?

Try to use element exists activity and check @zahin @sain87

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got it