How to use sort datatable activity without sorting the column name of that datatable

I need to sort a datatable which has three column names Employee,Manager and Category.
Add headers in the property is marked when I use Read Range activity to read excel into this data table. But after that when I perform sort datatable activity the headers also get sorted. How to prevent it from sorting. And also after this sorting, the output datatable also need this same column names as headers.

Please anyone provide me with answer

Hi @rifnanahas

Create a dataview type

Dtview =new dataview (datatable)

Dtview.sort= “employee,manager, category asc”

Use output datatable
Check this


@rifnanahas You can use Filter Datatable Activity as well, In the Keep Columns Section of the Filter Wizard, Specify the Column Names in the Order you want it to be

is there any another way???

can you please explain it more deeply?

Is there any other way to solve using sort datatable activity.


  1. The Datatable which you need to sort Provide it as the Input Datatable as well as the Output Datatable to Filter Datatable Activity.
  2. Next In the Keep Columns Section, Provide the Column Names you want in the order you want it.
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