Sorting data table

I have a data table which has headers. I need the headers as such as headers for sorted data table. When I use sort data table activity whole datatable including headers get sorted…I need these headers as headers in data table after sorting.

Can anyone please help me.

How do you populate your datatable? is it from excel? if yes, in your read range activity, make sure the Add Headers is checked

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yes, its from excel and Add Headers are checked in read range activity.

Your write range should have a checked Add headers. Could you send your xaml file?

sample.xaml (14.1 KB)

Did we try with SORT DATATABLE activity
Usually when a datatable is sorted it’s header or the first row data won’t get sorted along the records we have in datatable

Cheers @rifnanahas

But here its happening…Headers also get sorted when using sort data table activitysample.xaml (14.1 KB)