How to Use RegEx in Pdf?

Hi Everyone,

I want to Extract Email from this Pdf.The same format i want to enter into Excel But Can’t.How can i do that using RegEx.Help Me.
Thanks in Adavance

Hi @krishnareddy

Are you facing any error here in your workflow? Can you tell me more info on why you cannot put it into excel?

@krishnareddy Use this Regex

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando,

Assuming you want to extract the Email ID from the PDF.

  1. Take help of the any in-built OCR "Google " or “MS” to extract entire content.
  2. Use “Assign” activity for following regex
Regex.IsMatch(emailString, @"\A(?:[a-z0-9!#$%&'*+/=?^_`{|}~-]+(?:\.[a-z0-9!#$%&'*+/=?^_`{|}~-]+)*@(?:[a-z0-9](?:[a-z0-9-]*[a-z0-9])?\.)+[a-z0-9](?:[a-z0-9-]*[a-z0-9])?)\Z", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);

or you can use “Is Match” activity.

  1. For advanced level of extraction use our "Intelligent OCR activities "

Sukesh V