How to use query for Office 365 Get Mail activity?

I am trying to retrieve email from Office 365 outlook.
I have already got it to retrieve all emails in the specified folder, without any problem. Now, I want to use the filter query so that I will only retrieve the following emails:

  1. emails whose subject line contains “examplePhraseA” or “examplePhraseB”.

  2. emails whose subject line starts with “examplePhraseC”

  3. emails whose email body contains “examplePhraseD”

  4. emails whose email body starts with “examplePhraseE”

I checked the URL provided, and it seems like I could use $filter=startswith( but I am not sure exactly how.
Can someone please help me out?

@tomato25 -
in get outlook mail message → properties → filter option

"@SQL=urn:schemas:httpmail:subject LIKE '%Your Item%'"
"@SQL="""" like '%Your Item%'"

pls refer below link for multiple filter options -

For Office 365 Activities use only filter in graph API query parameters

Example:$filter=subject eq ‘let’‘s meet for lunch?’

In UiPath just use it as:
“subject eq ‘let’‘s meet for lunch?’”

For anyone wondering how to search by body text, use this: contains(body/content,‘valueToSearchFor’)


I need the same but I need something like the following “contains(subject,‘P123’)” but I need another contains inside the filter and is not working.

e.g. My Subject: Filtering subject by the first letter ending with

I would like to filter If contains the first word and also If contains the email in the subject. Is this can be done in the filter of Get Mail activity office 365?