How to use Orchestrator Queue to track queue item SLA?

We have a process where an email comes into a mailbox, a UiPath process picks it up and puts it into a queue, then another UiPath process gets it from the queue and processes it.

From the time the email comes into the mailbox to when it is finally processed needs to be 48 hours or less. Is there a way we could use the Deadline, or some other, field in the Orchestrator Queue for this? Basically the idea is that the first process would add 48 hours to the time the email came in, and set the Deadline for the queue item. Then we could compare the Deadline to when the second process completed the queue item.

The end goal here is to be able to validate - and report on - whether we are making this 48 hour SLA.

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I think it would be better to register emails in your client support system or CRM. And store deadlines in a special system is much more convenient for the process user than in the queue.

If you want those messages to be processed with a delay, please, try adding them to the queue the next day after receiving it.

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I’ve since learned that all the things I want to do are handled by the SLA/Deadline features of Orchestrator.