Generate hourly queue report for email to business team


I need to create a process to send an hourly email to the business team with count of Successful, Failed, New/InProgress queue items from 4 queues and combine the details. The time period that the count should be over is 24hrs (6am-6am) after that the count should reset.

I can use Get Queue Items to do this but I don’t feel like that’s the best way.

Any input is much appreciated

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the orchestrator Rest API can help and will have the benefit, that more Queues can be checked within 1 call.

Have a look here and do some RnD with swagger

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Hi @inside_outside ,

Get queue items is the best option to get queue item count from orchestrator. Based on your intial time you can reset the counter value once it is reached.


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Thanks @ppr and @Kalees9486

Appreciate the replies. I’ll take a look into the API calls and I can always use the get queue items

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