How to use object Repository feature in Mobile Automation?

Hi Team,

I’m trying to make use of object repository functionality in my Mobile Automation project but I’m not getting an option to enable “Modern Design Experience” (Attaching a snap for your reference). Please assist how can I enable it in mobile automation template.



open studio->settings->Design->Turn on object Repository


open your workflow

Project->Settings->General-> Turn on Modern Design Experience


Hi Thiru ,

This is to inform you that I’m getting option of enabling “Modern Design Experience” in normal process template but not for Mobile Automation template.

open studio->settings->Design->Turn on object Repository This is by default disabled for both the templates. Attaching a snap Capture


please refer this

then only this will enable


I have enabled it but got no success

Did you reload the project? after turned on the repository?

if not close the studio and open it again

This isn’t a per project setting for MobileAutomation. If Object Repository is enabled then there are some activities in MobileAutomation that supports it. If it’s supported by the activity then you should see a button on the activity that will add the configuration to Object Repository (see screenshot below).


Thanks @phaserescu for responding. Let me elaborate it more.

I have two templates open i.e. one Normal process template and one is
Mobile automation template. In normal process template I’m able to see Descriptors option (after enabling Modern Design Experience from project settings ) in OR panel
but in mobile automation template I’m not seeing Descriptors option in OR panel neither I’m able to find option in Project settings to enable Modern Design Experience.

Does Mobile automation not support Object Repository (OR) completely as normal process template does?
I am adding Object repository panel snaps for your reference

Mobile Automation Template OR panel.

Normal Process Template OR panel.

I’m sorry Rahul_J but I can’t reproduce your issue, using Studio 21.10.

When I’m creating a new template I only have 2 options (see screenshot):


When I’m creating a process template, even if I have the UiAutomation activities or not the OR panel looks the same.

I’ve used the below template to create a project but the OR panel looks fine to me.


I’ve used MobileAutomation activities version 21.10.0-preview

Hi Cris,

I’m working on highlighted template

Studio version - 2020.10.0


What activities versions is the template using? On my side I listed them below (I’m using a prerelease version, so all are -preview)


Attached are the versions @phaserescu

If you update UiPath.MobileAutomation.Activities to 21.10.0-preview is the behavior the same?

Initially I tried updating UiPath.MobileAutomation.Activities but got no success

First of all, please do tell what the issue was with updating to a newer version. Maybe I can help. :slight_smile:

What I think is happening is that the OR is a feature of the Studio that Activities are using. That version of MobileAutomation should work fine on Studio 21.4. On newer version of Studio, with some newer additions, in most cases a new package of activities is required as well to support the changes. That’s why I was asking about the versions you’re using because they might be important in this instance.

There’s no issue updating to newer version. The only problem is that I’m not getting option of enabling Modern Design Experience (this is to make use of Object Repository functionality) in Project settings for Mobile automation but for normal automation it is there
(I had already shared both the snaps in my previous reply).

So did you update the MobileAutomation Activities to version 21.10 and the issue still happened?