How to use \n in regex with Uipath Matches activity

I created below regex function in regex website.

\S.+\n(?=(~PART#)|( PART#)|(PART#)|\n(PART#))

In Regex website it is working fine.

But in Uipath i used in Matches activity

In Matches activity \n(PART#) is not working.

I think \n is not working

try \r?\n

\S.+\r?\n(?=(~PART#)|( PART#)|(PART#)|\n(PART#))

As Windows comes along the carriage return and line feed for the line break

Also check for the Multiline option.

Maybe you can share some sample data with us along with a description of the expected output

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Hi @BNK , I hope you are doing well.
For your problem you can try:

  1. \r= CR (Carriage Return) → Used as a new line character in Mac OS before X
  2. \n = LF (Line Feed) → Used as a new line character in Unix/Mac OS X
  3. \r\n = CR + LF → Used as a new line character in Windows

I hope any 1 of the above 3 will get you your desired solution.

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

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As per @ppr’s reply, some Samples, expected Output and information on the Pattern will greatly assist with a reliable Regex Pattern.

In the meantime can you try this pattern:

\S.+[\n\r]+(?=(~PART#)|( PART#)|(PART#)|[\n\r]+(PART#))

Hopefully this helps :blush:



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I tried all the above solution it is working fine in regex website but it is not working in Matches activity(I am not using any flages in regex website)




just provide the sample text as text file or by formated text usingg </> from editor
share with us, what is achieved

in general you should handle \n as \r?\n

But maybe already set by the tool

m - Multiline option


As per @ppr said can you try multiline flag?

I had a small typo on the Regex pattern (on mobile). Can you try:
\S.+[\n\r]+(?=(~PART#)|( PART#)|(PART#)|[\n\r]+(PART#))

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