How to use mapping

how do I fetch only rank of UT, state and HDI of 2018. pls share a file


Just scrape the entire data to a data table @KarthikBallary, I hope you already did that.

Then you can simply filter the entire data table to the required using filter data table activity

By the way, the data column names are not clear in the data table. so try writing the entire extracted data to an excel and then read the same excel and then filter it @KarthikBallary

new Dictionary(of String,String) from{{“key1”,“string1”},{“key2”,“String2”}}
this is for string, string
how do we write for Int, String


I am getting this exception

You need to declare a dictionary variable of type int, string

Why you are using for each?

If you have that variable as generic type, you need to change to char as per the screenshot

ok that issue is resolved.
I have done data scraping , It contains 22 rows
if I use for each it is going upto 7 row

Do the first issue is resolved? I mean the dictionary value @KarthikBallary


What is the issue you have now?


table has 22 rows but only reading upto 7th row

Extract table using data scraping and save it as one variable say dt_***
For each row in dt***
if row(“Rank”).tostring.contains(“UT”)
assign row(“State”) = variable str_state
assign row(“HDI 2018”) = variable str_HDI2018
Use Excel application scope /write cell or Write range to populate it in excel.

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