How to use join data table activity to get values that don't join

Hello guys,
So i have been using join data table activity i use it to join dt1 with dt2 , where a column named reference are equal. and my output is dt3.
But this time i want to get a datatable that contains rows from dt1 and rows from dt2 that do not have same values in their reference column

Thanks guys

find a demo xaml here:
Get_MatchingNonMatching_JoinActivity.xaml (13.7 KB)


Thanks a lot @ppr it tried your sequence . here is what i am trying to achieve. in separate excel sheets . i had to make everything in one excel sheet just for the purpose of this screenshot.

Thanks a lot

@Yoichi @Palaniyappan hey guys …please help me look at this too

find demo xaml for your case here:
Match-NonMatch_2Col_2ResultTabs_JoinActivity.xaml (18.2 KB)

kindly note:
the row order in dtMatch, dtNonMatch is different:

changing this you would just edit the logic on how the rows are taken from dtMatchFiltered, dtNonMatchFiltered


@ppr Thanks a lot. you have really been helpful . everything worked fine now, thanks to your last sequence very much appreciated

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