Join Data table not working, Parameter "not equal"

I have two data tables from two excel sheets, naming “test1” and “test2”. i want to use join data table activity to find out the “not equal” rows. I have used “!=” for that but my output is not correct.
Attached are the images. Thanks for the help in advance!

Hi @sameer_verma

Please change the join type to Full so that all values from datatable join

Hope it helps

For more details , you can refer the documentation

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find some starter help here:
Find_Common_NonCommon_By1Col.xaml (12.3 KB)

Hi, I have tried your soultion but i am still getiing all the values from both the datatables. I just want the value which are “not” common between two datatables.

Sorry @sameer_verma I think u require the data table to be joined in all values

Let me check

And can u share the excel file too a sample one so that I can look into

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Hi Please find attached the image set since i am unable to upload excel. First image is my “test1” datatable, second image is my “test2” datatable and third image is my desired output which i want to achieve. Thanks for help!

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Hi @sameer_verma

I think join datatable would help to to do this
i did in another way to finds rows which are not common (779.3 KB)

Final result

Hope it helps
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It works! Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Hi @sameer_verma

Also thank you making me learn the mechanism behind join datatable :blush::blush:

I was looking on to that

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