How to use "invoke workflow with its parameters and return values"

Hi Everyone

I’m rookie of UiPath and today I want to ask you all about “invoke workflow file” with using its parameter and return value such as using method in Java.

I tried to use workflow as method in other object programing langs so I use invoke workflow activity with configuring its parameter & return value as Input-argument but it was not work well.

I upload xaml so could you tell me how can I use parameter when I call workflow?
dummy_children.xaml (5.3 KB)
parent.xaml (9.0 KB)


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Hi taichi,

You use correctly the Invoke Workflow file activity, the parameters are mapped correctly. The problem is that in “dummy_children.xaml” you have variables defined with same names as the arguments and those take priority over the arguments in activities. To fix the problem, remove all the variables from “dummy_children.xaml” and use a “.ToString” in the Assign activity.



Hi Silviu

Thanks for your advice, I make it worked properly!

I appreciate you a lot!