How to use http request activity to post multiple files(The number of files is uncertain)

Such as problem. i don`t know to how to add uncertain number of files to the http request activity.

Hi @she_xiangdong

I believe you could load all file paths into a list and then iterate through all elements using a For Each activity loop. Each time it would execute 1 HTTP request.

Hi @loginerror , if we will do for each for 100 files that means http should have to hit 100 times to server/cloud.can we have solution where we can attach multiple files to http request and send with single hit.waiting for reply.Thanks.

Hi @she_xiangdong, did u done with for-each or with something else ? can you help me please.Thank you.

Have the same problem. I created array with paths to attachment and there is no possibility to add other type than String so it is no possible to use array. For each loop is not possible to use in my case because every post would create new position in internal system. The case is to create one position with several attachment in one POST. Any ideas? Regards

I moved this to our User Voice category and added it to our internal tracker. It looks like to achieve it you would currently need to use the Invoke Code activity and write some custom code.