How to call queue items with reference

Hi all
I have queus with field name as PartnerName,
The queue doesn’t have any reference field,
Now I want to get all the queue items with partner name =xxxx

And one more doubt how to give input in the propertiey of refrence of get queue items i meam just giving straing variable is fine…? How to call queue items with reference for example my refence is xxxvvv

Hi @bpt.teja1996

  1. You can use the Add Queue Item And Get Reference activity. This activity adds an Orchestrator Queue Item with parameters and retrieves the corresponding Queue Item Object, stored in a QueueItemData variable, in order to wait for transaction completion at any time during the execution of the workflow

Check out the document

  1. You can also use the Get Queue Items activity to retrieve a list of queue items that match the specified filter criteria. The Reference property of the Get Queue Items activity can be used to filter your particular records by giving the employee number(which is a reference), so you will get only those records out of all the employee queues

Reference : How we can use 'Reference' property of get queue Items activity


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Yes thats true you can give the direct variable or the value in reference field…xxxvvv …you have two options in there to match either startsWith or equals…can use depending on need

If you want to only get the queue item…then use get queue items activity…but you dont have filters on Queue specific content(Field name) …you have to get all the queue items and then loop through or use a linq query to filter and get the required queue item

lets say output of get queue items is ListOfQueue,now use this in Assign

MatchedQueueitem = ListOfQueue.AsEnumerable.Where(function(x) x.SpecificContent("partnername").ToString.Equals("xxxx"))(0)

This will give you the first queue item which matches this criteria…As said same can be achieved with a for loop and If condition as well

In the above query it is better to check one condition before getting item as there might be no queue items matching the given condition …so check the count after the filter and then get the item…to check count

Count = ListOfQueue.AsEnumerable.Where(function(x) x.SpecificContent("partnername").ToString.Equals("xxxx")).Count

Now if count>0 then we can get the item else there are no items matching the criteria

Hope this helps


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To get all the queue items with a specific partner name in UiPath, you can use the following steps:

  1. Use the “Get Queue Items” activity to retrieve all items from the queue.
  2. Use a “For Each” loop to iterate through each queue item.
  3. Inside the loop, use the “Get Transaction Item” activity to retrieve the details of the current queue item.
  4. Check if the partner name field of the queue item matches the desired partner name. If it does, add the queue item to a list or perform any other desired actions.
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thank you so much