How to use find element to search all images in sequences

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I am writing a automation to find all submit buttons in a screen and click ok. i am able to find 1st button and click it, but after using do while, i am finding next button with same name it always find the first button, how to redirect to next search button


  1. file1 submit
  2. file 2 submit

my code always find ist row and didn’t go for second row.

Any suggestion will help a lot to close this on priority.

If several elements have the same selector, you can use the idx property to select which one. An idx of 1 would be the first element. An idx of 2 would be the second element. And so on.

You can create a variable with a counter. And use a dynamic selector to include the variable in the selector.


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We can achieve it using FindChildren activity as the following.

note: we need to indicate range which contains all the target button and set proper filter settings.

Hope this helps you.


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