How to use Asenumerable

Hi UiPath,

I am trying to learn about useful function in UiPath and I can’t see clear explaination about the asenumerable() function?

Can someone give me a good way to start in learning it in UiPath?


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Hi @Alvin_Apostol3
To know what an enumerable is, you must understand the verb/action enumerate. The definition of enumerate is: “mention (a number of things) one by one.”

An enumerable is just a read-only object that you can enumerate over. This means it is a collection of any type of variables that you can go through one-by-one. Since it is read-only, you can’t change the enumerable itself, you just read the information from it. This makes it the least resource intensive type of collection to iterate through (vs list, array, etc.)

It’s a .net concept, you can find full details here:

Hope this helps

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FYI, the following also helps you.

At first, as DataTable.Rows returns DataRowCollection, LINQ cannot be applied to it. To solve this matter, Microsoft added this method in DataTableExtensions.